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Keyboard Classes in Chennai

Tips to Learn Electronic Keyboard from
Johns Academy of Music:

Learning an electronic keyboard is an easy thing, but the hardest part is to be familiar with chords and some basic playing techniques. The best way to achieve this is by doing consistent practice and patience. Proper playing of keyboard is the first step for a strong music foundation. Here we have provided with you some of the tips and tricks that will help to improve your skill level.

Position Yourself Correctly

Get yourself proper position when you play piano. You can purchase a piano bench which will help you in getting the proper posture to learn keyboard fast. Make sure you are in a position that you are able to move freely. The proper distance to be maintained is that your feet be flat on ground whereas your knee is underneath the keyboard. Your shoulders and back should be straight. The position you maintain should be in relax manner so that you do not face any muscle strain. If you want to make a great music then learning to relax is the best thing you have to do.

Finger movement, hand position

An easiest way to learn to play keyboard is playing with right hand first and then move on to the other. Then you can gradually move on practicing on both the hands. By practicing on both hands you can improve coordination and playing efficiency. It is also a crucial point to remember that to concentrate on where a note goes on a piano.

Record Practice Sessions

To identify the sections where you need to work on to improve the skill is to record your practice sessions. By listening to the recorded sessions you can correct them and improve through repeated learning. This will help you to identify your personal strength and weaknesses.

Set a specific practice goal in mind

It is advisable to set a concrete goal in mind when you practice for playing keyboard notes. This will motivate your learning and helps to avoid frustrating yourself.

Do it in a relax manner

Before you start to practice on keyboard classes, you have to get prepare mentally. Watch your favorite program on TV, listen to your favorite songs and relax. When you are really ready with both physically and mentally, start playing keyboards. This will help you immensely in inspiring and make you look forward to practice.

Start with some warm exercises

Doing some exercises before you start playing keyboard notes will be helpful to make your fingers, wrists and mind for keyboard classes. You can start the warm up exercises before 30 minutes of keyboard sessions.

Consistent practice

Make a consistent schedule for regular practices and stick to that schedule strictly. You can make a handy practice calendar and make it conjunction with your regular works. You can set a reminder so that you don’t fail to do practices. If you have a consistent practice with priority, it is can be assured that you will see a lot of progress in learning keyboard notes. Follow these steps and play like a professional keyboard player sooner.