Voice Training in Chennai


OPUS is our music production wing that offers the following services:

Music Engraving:

It is always good to have the music clearly printed so that it saves your precious time at practice.

  1. Right from melody with chords to vocal harmony, we can have the music neatly engraved for you
  2. Any piece of music from an existing manuscript can be rewritten either fully or partially (part extraction)

Music Transcription:

Nothing like having a piece of music documented so that you can use it anytime or share it with others.

  1. You may be gifted in composing a tune but may not have the time or the theoretical knowledge to write the notes. All you need to do is just record your voice or instrument and we will make that into a sheet music for you.
  2. There can be a tune you like to sing or play but in case you don’t find the sheet music readily available for purchase, we can prepare it for you.

Music Composition:

Quality oriented music of various styles can be created for numerous purposes including singles, album, background scores, corporate presentations, etc.

  1. We make backing tracks that precisely suit your vocal range and in a tempo that you will be comfortable to sing
  2. We work with some of the finest musicians who will add great value to your music through their fresh and upbeat ideas